Rough litters

  Maple Yard Avalance x Goldshimmer Ruby for Majig
dob. May 13th 2012 3+4
Goldshimmer Nice'N Snowy (sable)
Goldshimmer No Loose Snoe (sable)
Goldshimmer Now You're Shining (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Naked Diamond (sable)
Goldshimmer Never Forget T'Majig (sable
Goldshimmer Nothing's Free (sable)
Goldshimmer 'Nough of Diamonds (sable)


Malinallin Jazz N'Ramatazz x Goldshimmer Ruby for Majig
December 29th 2010 1+3
Goldshimmer Off To New Year (sable)
Goldshimmer Ode To New Year (sable)
Goldshimmer Oh T'Majig of New Year (sable)
Goldshimmer Only On New Year (sable)
  Ruffenuff Summer Shimmer x Goldshimmer Ruby for Majig
dob. June 24th 2009 3+2
Goldshimmer Power of Summer (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Pure Shimmer (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Pu The Gun Down (sable)
Goldshimmer Pearl of Ruby (sable)
Goldshimmer Proud Mary (tricolour)
  Woolmill's Debrau Jever x Goldshimmer Thingamajig
dob. April 25th 2007 3+1
Goldshimmer Quick But Slow (sable)
Goldshimmer Quick'N Snappy (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Quite Chubby Chap (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Queen of Gypsyes (tricolour)
  Snowpaw Wild FiancÚ x Goldshimmer Thingamajig
dob. December 1st 2005 2+3
Goldshimmer Rex of Majig (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Rival of Majig (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Real Majig (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Regina of Majig (sable)
Goldshimmer Ruby for Majig (sable)
  Lion Blend Abracadabra x Goldshimmer Tenderheart
dob. November 17th 2004 2+2
Goldshimmer Simsalabim (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Spell of Tender (tricolour)
Goldshimmer She's A Witch (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Sweetheart (sable)
  Zinnia's The Original x Lairdholm Winter Princess
dob. July 17th 2001 0+5
Goldshimmer Tenderheart (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Thingamajig (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Tiny Pepper (blue merle)
Goldshimmer Toodle-Doo (blue merle)
Goldshimmer Topnotch (blue merle)

Smooth litters

  Windswept Height's Buffalo Bill x Secret Affair's On Your Dreams
dob. May 27th 2012 3+2
Goldshimmer Kall Me Sitting Bull (blue merle)
Goldshimmer King of Bulls (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Kiss My Bulls (blue merle)
Goldshimmer Keep On Dreaming (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Kissing My Dreams (tricolour)
  Dalimattas Like To Fly x Goldshimmer HIdden Angel
dob. May 17th 2012 1+2
Goldshimmer Just Like A Mascot (sable)
Goldshimmer Just Fly With Me (sable)
Goldshimmer Just Like Me (sable)
  Kangasvuokon Star Operation x Secret Affair's On Your Dreams
dob. April 2nd 2009 5+2
Goldshimmer I Don't Think So (blue merle)
Goldshimmer I Think Not (tricolour)
Goldshimmer If You Dare (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Incognito Zorro (blue merle)
Goldshimmer Invisible Star (tricolour)
Goldshimmer I Do I Do I Do (blue merle)
Goldshimmer In Your Dreams (blue merle)
  Secret Affair's Careless Whisper x Dandinas Like An Angel
dob. April 19th 2007 1+6
Goldshimmer Here I Go Again (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Happy Happy Happy (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Having An Affair (blue merle)
Goldshimmer Hear My Whisper (blue merle)
Goldshimmer Hello My Angel (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Hi I'm An Angel (tricolour)
Goldshimmer Hidden Angel (tricolour)